Kawa Farms K9 Training

Pet Dog Training

We have multiple options available for pet dog training, be it once a week or once every two weeks.


Consider our Academy we offer both day training and a boarding school environment. Call for more detail

Working Dog Training

Scent work in multiple mediums. We will train your Search and Rescue dog, your Search and Recovery dog, and/or any scent work dog that you may need.

We also train Service dogs, other type of companion dogs, and train some dog sports

Board and Train Programs

First we will set an evaluation to learn how we can help you and your dog. Then once we understand your training goals, we’ll customize a training program for you and your dog.


Located on 20 acres of land just southwest of Winterset, Iowa. The Kawa Farms K9 Training facilities are some of the best in the Midwest.

We offer a place where dogs can socialize, have fun, get plenty of exercise or just hang out with other dogs. We have a large indoor play area . We have multiple outdoor grass areas for outdoor playing

Our Staff

I was a traditional trainer for many years, until I understood the science behind the training. I love working with all types of dog, in all types of situations. I consider myself a holistic trainer concerned with mind, body, and soul of my canine clients and their humans.


Pet and Working Trainer

Crystal loves working with your dogs. She works as a Kennel Tech during the day and enjoys spending time with them.

Crystal - Weekday Kennel Tech

Frank is in charge of the night shift and ensuring that the dogs get enough excerise and love after training so that they do not miss their homes or people as much. Many times you can see Frank sitting on the hill with a dog at his feet being loved on by him.


Kennel Tech Lead

Maddy runs the weekend night shift and is responsible for enrichment, play and exercice of the dogs that are either boarding or are in a baord and train status here.

Maddy - Weekend Kennel Tech &

Dog Lover

Taylor has 10 + years of dog training experience, and loves working with dogs and our human clients. Taylor also does our in-home boarding for dogs that need to stay at home while their human is gone.


Pet and Service Dog Trainer

In-home Boarding

Kandice - works in our office, making sure your emails and phone calls are answered.

Kandice - Office Admin