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Boarding Information

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Requirements for Boarding at Kawa Farms K9 Training

Boarding Fees: Client agrees to pay Kawa Farms K9 Training a nonrefundable deposit in the amount appropriate to their boarding, for the time period specified. If there is an agreed upon extension to the time the dog is staying an addendum will be written up and added to this contract. All boarding agreements are nonrefundable for the entore amount within 72 hours of stay, or once the board and train has began. If we do grant a refund it is because we are making an exception to our general rule of notissuing refunds. Fees are payable in advance of commencement of Boarding and or Boarding and Training.


If the owner is not able to take the dog on the scheduled return date, i.e. out of town, illness, yard repair, etc. An Exigent circumstances boarding fee will apply from that date until the dog is returned. Exigent circumstances boarding fees: $60.00 a day.

Please note: Boarding dogs will be picked up & dropped off by the client during business hours, unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Our Facility operates like a hotel, we charge by the day. 

Drop offs are between 1 PM and 5 PM

Pick-ups are in morning Between 9 AM and 12 PM. 

Saturday and Sunday our Office is closed, although we have trainers and staff on the property.

Drop Off Agreement: When dropping off your dog at our facility you will need to stick to the exact time that we agreed upon. We are a working Training Facility, so staff is working and training dogs and can not be waiting for someone to arrive, therefore we schedule staff to be available for receiving your dog and to meet andgreet you making sure your dog gets onto the property safe and secure.  If you will be late to drop off, please call us, and let us know, so we can keep training the dog that we are currently working with.

Make sure your dog is on a leash/collar that they cannot slip out of when going from your car to our property and the during the hand off to the staff member. Your dog may be nervous, scared or excited and any of those things can lead to your dog escaping the collar and running off or around the property, which is a safetyissue for the dog, the staff and other dogs on the property.

Health/Medical: Client shall provide documentation of up-to-date vaccinations including Rabies, DHLPP/DHPP, Bordetella and Corona. Dog must be heartworm negative,, and on monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventive. If your Dog is not up to date on all their vaccinations and we verify this with your Vet (this includes Heart worm and Flea & Ticks), we will immediately schedule an appointment with OUR VETERINARIAN for the vaccinations and you will be charged with a $50.00 Time, Travel, and Sterilization fee on top of the vaccination and office visitcost.

Client agrees that if at any time Trainer deems that Dog needs urgent veterinary care, Dog shall immediately be taken to a local veterinary clinic (Summit Vet Clinic, Dr. Lindsay Speer, DVM). If veterinary care is not deemed urgent, every attempt will be made to notify client before bringing Dog to the veterinarian. Client agrees to pay any associated veterinary bills.

Understand and agree that the Kawa Farms K-9 Training staff may at any time remove a dog from group play and find a more appropriate situation for your pet while you are away if he/she exhibits behavior which could be harmful to other dogs or staff.

You will need to have the following for your dog’s time with us:

  • Food- in a hard-sealed airtight container. (Please make sure you have enough food to last your dog’s entire stay with us, or set up drop off times for food)
  • Collar (no prong or pinch collars allowed) flat buckle, martingale, halti, head harness and body harnesses are allowed.
  • Leash (we will have you take thatwith you, but you will need it from the car to the training center) 
  • Two favorite toys – we cannot guarantee that they will survive the training center and from the training center to the car. No soft toys are allowed at our facility, please bring hard chew toys if you bring any toys.
  • Bed (if dog prefers his/her bed) (we have beds and blankets here, if you want your dog to have their own bed from the house, we cannot guarantee that they will survive the training center).
  • Medical records (shots)

Additional charges

Medication: If flea and tick medication is not provided at the time of drop off, Kawa Farms K-9 Training will provide Frontline Plus/Nexguard. The cost of this product will be determined by the weight of the dog.

Grooming: The dog will receive a bath, at no charge, before being returned at the end a 30 or more stay at our facility. If the dog is of a type that requires professional grooming, the owner will be responsible for these charges. Baths and nail trims are available for an additional charge for dogs that are here less than 30 days.