Our mission is to provide excellent training for all dogs under our care. We provide a highly trained staff in an organized and safe environment. Unless you are a regular client enrolled in our training classes, board and train is a minimum two-week commitment. This is designed to ensure your dog has time to settle into our home and adjust to their new schedule, we can accommodate extended stays away from home.


 This training option is the best for training that demands close management and supervision. We have a 20-acre property that we live on which is used for training your dog. This allows for 24/7 management and training.  We also have security camera in the building.


Based on the goals you seek, board and train can include training trips to the farmer’s markets, recreation centers, dog sporting events, and even the river (for swimming). These extras may have added costs associated with them.




Dog should be at least 10 weeks of age.


Dog MUST have completed all vaccinations, including DHLPP, rabies, and kennel cough. (Titers are accepted for DHLPP only.)


Dog must be currently on flea, tick, and heartworm preventative.


Dogs must live indoors at their home.  No outdoor-only dogs.


Dog should be house trained*.


Female dogs in heat or about to go into heat will not be accepted.


Boarding at the Academy Policies and Procedures:


Modifications:  We may make modifications to the training schedule and or our policies to continue to give you and your dog the best possible services available.


Training: Kawa Farms K-9 Training uses a rewards based method of training.  We do use food (treats) as a reinforcer.  We will lower your dogs feeding amounts during regular meals, to compensate for the increased food intake during training.


Health/Medical: Client shall provide documentation of up-to-date vaccinations including Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella and Corona. Your dog must be heartworm negative, on preventive medication for heartworm, and on monthly flea/tick preventive.


Drop off: Drop off times with be during regular business hour, unless previously coordinated with our trainers.  Either you will drop your dog off at our facility or circumstance may allow your dog to be picked up by our staff at your home (transportation fees will apply).


Pick up: Pick up times are during regular business hours when a trainer is available to schedule time to meet with you for instruction on what your dog learned and how to address issues that may present.  Please also be prepared to take instruction from our staff to assist in our effect to teach your dog proper greeting protocol.


Inappropriate play:  At all times your dog will be monitored while in the group setting to assist him/her inappropriate play with other dogs. If there is inappropriate play (aggression) you will be notified immediately.  If your dog cannot play appropriately in a group environment, he/she will be restricted to individual attention and no group settings also at which time you will have the option to make a decision as to if you want our trainers to address the reactivity issues (additional fees may apply).


Timeouts:  We will incorporate timeouts if your dog is in a high state of arousal.  This timeout will be based on the amount of time that it takes your dog to return to a normal state of mind and his/her ability to return to the group setting.


You may come visit at any time during your dog’s stay with us!



You will need to have the following for your dog’s time with us:

Food (Please make sure you have enough food to last your dogs entire stay with us, or set up drop off times for food)

Collar (no prong or pinch collars allowed) flat buckle, martingale, halti, head harness and body harnesses are allowed.


Two favorite toys

Bed (if dog prefers his/her bed)

Medical records (shots)


A deposit is required to hold your reservation.  This deposit is non-refundable within 30 days of start date.  A two-week board & train requires a $100 deposit.  Programs of three weeks or longer, or those booked over Christmas, New Years, Spring Break or Thanksgiving require a $200 deposit.


Refund Policy for dogs in Long Term Training Programs: See termination of training

1. Service Dogs that will be stall their entire stay with us

2. Service Dogs that will start with us, and then continue on a weekly or monthly schedule with us, after they transition home and are being trained by their owner with our assistance.

3. All Behavior Modification

4. All Working Dogs


Cancellation Policy once the dog goes home: The client of the dog(s) may postpone any of the private lessons provided 24-hour notice is given to the Company. The Company is only obligated to give two (2) free makeup lessons due to client postponements. After the second postponement, each additional client postponement will count as one of the remaining lessons owed to the client. Additional makeup lessons can be purchased at $75.00 per lesson. The client understands and agrees that failure to give the trainer

twenty-four (24) hour notice of a cancellation will result in the Company counting said failure as a completed lesson.


Termination of Training: The client of the dog(s) may have the dog(s) withdrawn from the training at any time, however, once the training has begun, all fees are non-refundable.



*unless they are here for potty training, or puppy training.